Earth 1 Ecosystems

Earth 1: Ecosystems

EARTH 1 is sponsored by Roslyn P. Swire
Dedicated to the memory of Irving and Michael Swire who celebrated life and reflected the beauty of the planet through their exquisite photographs.


Ronnie Siegel
Los Angeles, CA, United States


July 6, 2021

Children’s Book

As a landscape architect and environmental artist, I have been deeply concerned for decades about climate change and how it will affect generations to come.  During […]
April 3, 2020

Covid-19 Day 15 of Quarantine-Looking at Toyon Berries

I have lots of Toyon trees in my garden and at the end of March, I took pictures of the berries and used them to create […]
March 28, 2020

Nature Healing During Covid-19 Quarantine -Day 5 Looking at Leaves

Day 5 of being on lock down at home I amused myself with leaves.  There is an undiscovered  world within my garden that I am uncovering […]
March 26, 2020

Nature Healing During Covid-19-Day 4-Flowers

Day 4 of Quarantine–Still taking nature photos in my garden but I have to express more of the reality here so I am distorting them.  Normal […]
March 25, 2020

Nature Healing During Covid-19 Quarantine- Day3 Buds

Flowering plants’ buds are getting ready to burst open giving us hope for a better day ahead. Santolina virens Phlomis fruticosa Cistus skanbergii Calandrinia spectabilis Report […]
March 24, 2020

Nature Healing During Covid-19 Quarantine-Day 2 Bugs & Birds

As a way of getting though the scary times, nature is a healing force.  I continue to find a world of beauty normally missed by taking […]
March 23, 2020

Nature Healing During Covid19 Quarantine-Day 1 Rain

We are all under stress from the global coronavirus pandemic.  Carry the EARTH globes  will be at a standstill so I plan to use EARTH 1 […]
February 19, 2020

nATuRe pLAy

The future of this planet will be in the hands of our children at some point in time.  If they bond with nature at an early […]
September 20, 2019

Climate Strike Sept.20, 2019

I am a landscape architect and for my entire career,  I have been trying to do my best to take care of the Earth.  As I […]
July 16, 2019

I am Max and I Carry the EARTH

Sharing some of Max’s Thoughts: I am Max, a beagle, and I carry the earth!   I love hiking in nature and get everywhere I want to […]

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